Recovery Health Access Center: 513-281-RHAC (7422)
RHAC is a centralized 24-hour helpline and service center providing information and referral for substance abuse services by credentialed clinicians.  This service supports individuals and families throughout the treatment process.

Referral and linkage to community resources & providers:
Services are intended to link clients and coordinate with an appropriate treatment provider that can effectively address and treat the identified problems.

Diagnostic assessment services:
Services intended to identify root problems and targeted treatment objectives.

Case management services:
Services meant to complement an individual's treatment as a means of coordinating one's care and advocating for their exclusive needs.

Crisis intervention services: Services intended to stabilize the immediate needs of an individual who is actively struggling with addiction.

Family education and counseling services:
Services intended to provide support to families who have loved ones struggling with addiction.

Individual substance abuse counseling services:
Therapeutic services intended to discuss barriers to recovery and one's progress in recovery.

Group substance abuse counseling services:
Group therapy services that adhere to an evidence-based curriculum aimed at treating substance use disorders and related issues.

Substance abuse education services:
Education services meant to provide individuals with more knowledge and insight about substances, addiction, and recovery.

Workplace training and intervention services:
Services intended to educate employers and their employees on substance use, how to identify it in the workplace, and how to then respond to it effectively.

Toxicology screening:
Urine analyses meant to identify most recent use of a substance. These are often provided as an adjunctive service to one's terms of probation or parole.

Community outreach services:
Services provided in conjunction with community partners so as to serve individuals in their natural environment.

School-based prevention services:
Services provided in academic settings with an emphasis on education and counseling-type approaches to instilling knowledge and insight upon both child and adolescent populations.

Peer recovery support services:
Services provided by staff who have lived experience so as to help an individual through their recovery via the staff's own struggles with addiction.

Covid-19 related assistance. 24-hour confidential helpline with trained professionals.

AIM (Afterhours Individualized Mobile Engagement) Team:
An after-hours crisis response service for individuals experiencing issues related to substance use disorder (8:00 PM and 8:00 AM 365 days per year). Peer Recovery Supporters make in-person visits to individuals where they are and transport individuals to area treatment centers IMMEDIATELY when appropriate.