Now you can have your own little corner of the world…

with a custom engraved paver in the Addiction Services Council Serenity Courtyard

a wonderful way to permanently acknowledge sobriety dates... express your gratitude for a sponsor, a date, a family member, or a memory of someone you love.

Serenity Countryard-update

Serenity Courtyard

If you look closely at our home in Avondale, you’ll notice the telltale signs that it was originally built in the early part of last century: fieldstone walls… expansive entryway... carriage house out back... slate roof... and a massive granite foundation. In fact, those huge rocks, pulled from some long forgotten quarry, look as new as the day they were installed. They are in fact, the inspiration for our newest permanent addition to our facilities, Serenity Courtyard, designed and built by Perrino Landscape, Inc.

Serenity Courtyard blends elegantly with the natural elements of our building and the contours of our property. It is a natural gathering place that incorporates a mortared fieldstone entryway, diverse groundcover and graceful plantings throughout, well-placed sitting areas, a “Light of Recovery” fountain, a flowing front walkway, and Hampton Blend pavers of blue and buff lining the entire Courtyard area. We are very fortunate to have award winning landscape designer Andy Perrino as a partner in this project because he has created a serene and comfortable outdoor environment open to all members of the community.

Most important, Serenity Courtyard has been constructed for permanence. Now you can purchase custom engraved pavers within Serenity Courtyard to permanently honor what is most meaningful to you… or honor the memory of someone you love. Our pavers come in a variety of sizes and configurations… a beautiful and dignified way to recognize people and events in your life.

Serenity Courtyard Pavers

Size Characters Cost Location Options
4”x8” 2 lines—10 characters per line* $50 Front walkway only
6”x6” 3 lines—8 characters per line * $200 Sections 1, 2 or 3 in Courtyard
6”x12” 4 lines—20 characters per line* $500 Sections 1, 2 or 3 in Courtyard
6”x12” Corporate Logo+ $750 Sections 1, 2 or 3 in Courtyard
12”x12” 8 lines—20 characters per line* $1,000 Sections 1, 2 or 3 in Courtyard
12”x12” Corporate Logo+ $1,500 Sections 1, 2 or 3 in Courtyard

*Hampton Blend Serenity Courtyard Pavers will be custom engraved in Vermarco font in all capital letters with a height of 3/4”.
+Your logo will be beautifully custom engraved and centered within paver dimensions. Please provide camera ready artwork for your logo.

Order Form

Custom Engraved Message Paver

Custom Engraved Logo Paver


4”x8” 2 lines, 10 characters per line
6”x6” 3 lines, 8 characters per line
6”x12” 4 lines, 20 characters per line
12”x12” 8 lines, 20 characters per line
Note: A space between words counts as one character.
Please return Order Form to:
Addiction Services Council
2828 Vernon Place
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Information: 513-281-7880
Attention: Janice Rhoden ext. 131