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FDA Calls on Online Companies to Police Opioid Sales

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb this week called on Internet service providers and social media companies to more carefully monitor online sales of opioids. “We find offers to purchase opioids all over social media and the Internet, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Google, Yahoo and Bing,” Gottlieb said at the National Rx…

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It’s Not the Rehab—It’s the Relationships!

Individuals in active addiction sometimes say, “I don’t need another rehab, I could teach those groups.” Outpatient counselors sometimes say, “So-and-so isn’t doing well: S/he needs to go to rehab.” The first position discounts the value of addiction rehabilitation by equating it with the content of psychoeducational groups. The second elevates its value to that…

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