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NCADD Addiction Medicine Update

The NCADD Medical-Scientific Committee is made up of physicians, psychologists and others to provide advice and guidance to the NCADD Board of Directors, staff and National Network of Affiliates on activities related to medicine, health and addiction to alcohol and drugs. The Committee develops NCADD position papers, advisories, and other public statements for approval by the Board which reflect the latest medical and scientific understanding of the disease of alcoholism and drug dependence.

The Way of Recovery is Not Alone - Part 1: Science Addiction damages what matters most.  Body, family, career, and citizenship are frequent casualties of the compulsive use of alcohol and other drugs.  How human behavior becomes so self-defeating and how affected individuals change for the better has been described from many perspectives.  Two sources we might expect to have differing views about recovery actually illumine the same path. Science and spirituality both point to positive interpersonal relationships as treatment for addiction.  Many therapeutic factors contribute to recovery, but healthy human connections are fundamental.  This Addiction Medicine Update presents a scientific point of view; the next Update, a spiritual one.  Neurobiology of Addiction Lower centers of the central nervous system (limbic system, brain stem, and spinal cord) give rise to a great deal of human behavior, and these lower centers routinely function independently of higher centers (cerebral cortex).  Simple behaviors that don’t require conscious thought include reflexes, breathing, and body language.  More......