Addiction Services Council

Lighting the way to Recovery


24/7 Helplines
Local: 513-281-7880
Kentucky: 859-415-9280

Serving the Greater Cincinnati Area since 1949


Examples Include:

School based education – collaborative scheduling with local schools we provide education to students from 4th through the 12th grade. Our goal is to educate on the unhealthy impact of alcohol, drug, tobacco and violence; to reduce the consequences to the student, their family and their community.

Community based education – Offering custom designed educational programs for community centers, recreation centers, neighborhood coalitions, faith based groups and healthcare facilities and other groups.

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Recovery, like addiction, touches all aspects of our lives. We provide time for family members to receive the needed support and information needed to bring the family into recovery along with the person with addiction.

Family Support Group meets Thursday 6:00 – 7:30 PM. Family therapy is by appointment only.

Employee Assistance Services

The Council provides assistance to local businesses that have smaller workforces. We help with the employer in understanding how to assist an employee who may be struggling with a substance abuse problem, saving the employer costs from absenteeism, accidents and healthcare costs.

In addition to directly assisting the employee, we work with the employer to create policies and procedures that help prevent issues on the job and that quickly and appropriately address them when they do arise.

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The Addiction Services Council acknowledges that addiction is preventable.

As a primary provider of prevention services in the greater Cincinnati area, our prevention efforts reach over 30,000 people annually. The Addiction Services Council programs have received local and national recognition, are research based and regularly evaluated.

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