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In addition to addiction treatment programming, we offer the following services for those clients experiencing difficulty with alcohol and other drug use but are not clearly dependent. These programs provide a focus on information and decision making.

 Addiction Education and Evaluation Program (AEEP): A four week adult or adolescent educational program for those who are experiencing problems to learn about the risk factors for developing problems related to their substance use, abuse, or addiction. Clients are expected to alter behaviors or perception of need for behavior change. With education and screening tools, counselor and client can better assess whether education alone has provided an adequate intervention or if an assessment and treatment recommendation is indicated.

Addiction Education and Evaluation Program II (AEEP II):Adult or adolescent participants engage in activities/discussion on topics related to risk factors and risk reduction that enhance their understanding of previously learned concepts in AEEP. This program is best suited for individuals who are already exhibiting signs of a problem with substance use and displaying high risk choices. The participants have already completed the AEEP Program. The difference in AEEP II is the use of instruction/activities designed for a more focused look at a person's use and the consequences from that use.