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Assessment is the necessary first step to receiving treatment at the Council. An assessment is a confidential consultation between a licensed professional and client used to diagnose clients and develop an appropriate course of treatment. The client works with the assessor to determine the client's needs and recommendations. Assessments are available by appointment or on a walk in basis. Walk in clients are accepted Monday 8:30AM – Noon, Tuesday 8:30 – 5:00PM Wednesday 1:00PM _5:00PM. Assessments will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Come prepared to stay – you will be seen.
(Minimum expected time is 1 ½ hours.)

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Our outpatient services offer individual and group services to help you establish a new life that doesn't include using alcohol or drugs.

In addition to addiction treatment programming, we offer the following services for those clients experiencing difficulty with alcohol and other drug use but are not clearly dependent. These programs provide a focus on information and decision making.

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Does someone you care about have a problem with alcohol or other drugs? Getting someone help who doesn't want help is what intervention is all about. During the intervention process, family members, friends, and co-workers share clear, factual information about the effect the person's substance abuse has on those who care about him/her. The hope is for the individual with the problem to accept that their behavior shows signs of addiction and be motivated to get the help they need.

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Our clinical staff assists the client in finding and entering into the most appropriate services. We have strong collaborative relationships with the service providers in our area. While a client is awaiting admission into treatment, support is available through our daily Engagement Groups and individual contact with our clinical staff.

Individual counseling is a one to one session to help you address concerns that may be better suited in a private session.

We offer a series of structured groups for adolescents and adults designed to address addiction in its various stages. Day and evening groups are available. Individual counseling, case management services and random drug screening are essential components of these programs.

Daily Engagement Groups offer a place of encouragement and acceptance while either awaiting placement in treatment or experiencing challenges in recovery. Everyone is welcome, no registration is necessary. Groups start promptly on time.

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