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First Meeting of the Cincinnati Committee on Alcoholism

On May 6, 1949 a group of concerned Cincinnati citizens met at the University Club to address the problem of alcoholism issues in our community. Appalled at the lack of treatment available in Cincinnati, one of the first items on their agenda was to start an outpatient program at Cincinnati General Hospital. Those present were: Dr. Philip E. Piker, Chairman, Judge Chase Davies, Mr. James R. Heekin, Mr. Frank Jene, Judge Ralph Kohnen, Mrs. Harold Latimer, Mr. Bleeker Marquette, Mr. Harold Muntz, Dr. Byron Nellans, Mrs. Philip E. Piker, Dr. Daniel Rivers, Miss Ruth Roth, Mrs. Ralph Tooker, Captain John Turigliatto, Mrs. Joseph T. Ware To read the entire record of the first meeting minutes click here. See for yourself how these founding members began the initial development of a collaborative community plan. See how their professional experience and progressive attitudes began to shape the future of education and advocacy for proper treatment and prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction in Greater Cincinnati.

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Ways You can help

We welcome your donations by check, made out to the Addiction Services Council and mailed to our address below; or made online with a credit card.  All donations are acknowledged and all requests respected, including those for anonymity. There also are other ways of contributing that you might wish to consider:

In Honor of a Loved One

Honorary gifts can be made as an expression of respect for a family member or other person who has had a positive impact on your life (someone who helped in your recovery, or a special coach or teacher, for example). These gifts are often made at special times of the year, such as birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries.

Upon the Passing of a Loved One

Often, in the shock of losing a loved one, it’s difficult to think how to memorialize them. Some people request their family members and friends to donate to the Addiction Services Council in that person’s name so that their loved one will have a lasting effect on the lives of others. This is particularly meaningful to the family if the person passed due to the disease of addiction or, alternatively, died in recovery of other causes.

Stock/Securities and Special Gifts

The Addiction Services Council welcomes gifts of stocks/securities and other assets you may wish to donate. 


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